John Paul Obuya, the Luwero Grade One Magistrate has reversed the conviction of Sulaiman Jakana Nadduli for promoting sectarianism and remanded him to prison.

He made the decision when Jakana appeared on Tuesday morning for sentencing following his guilty plea on Friday last week.

However, Jakana’s lawyer, Patrick Olet of Omara Atubo and Company advocates told the magistrate that through interaction with his client, he had decided to change his plea to not guilty and asked the court to grant his request.

In his response, Obuya said the accused has the right to do so and ordered that the charges be read to him to take a fresh plea.

The Prosecution led by Luwero State Attorney, Roselyn Kipola told the court that on April 5th, 2022 while in Luwero, Jakana, 37, a resident of Nakasero zone in Wobulenzi town recorded and uploaded a video on youtube, which promotes sectarianism against Banyankole and Banyarwanda contrary to section 41(1) of the penal code act.

Jakana pleaded not guilty to the offense and applied for bail through his lawyer. Olet told the court that his client is still innocent until proven guilty. He explained to the court that the offense against his client is available according to the provisions in the Magistrate’s act.

Olet also noted that his client is ill following his involvement in an accident and therefore unable to interfere with Police investigations once released.

He also argued that his client has no criminal record and presented two sureties including the accused’s cousin Yusuf Kikomeko and his brother Omar Badru Kabugo.

However, the state attorney objected to the bail application insisting that Jakana may interfere with ongoing investigations. He also argued that Kikomeko was not a substantial surety since he didnt present an introduction letter from his locality.

Olet presented Kikomeko’s introduction and also dismissed his claims that his clients could meddle with the ongoing police investigations, saying he can’t do so given his current medical condition. Obuya set September 21st, 2022 to deliver his ruling on the bail application and further remanded Jakana to Butuntumula prison.

Jakana’s father, former Minister, and Luwero LC V Chairperson, Abdul Nadduli was present in the court. Olet later said his client was unstable and desperate when he entered the guilty plea on Friday last week hoping for leniency.

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