The Kyabazinga of Busoga, HRH Gabula Nadiope IV, has tasked members of the education policy review Commission (EPRC), to map out policies aimed at fostering improved education outcomes within the sub region’s newly incorporated public institution of higher learning, Busoga University.

While addressing members of the EPRC at his Jinja based palace on Monday, the Kyabazinga stressed that 70 percent of the sub region’s total population is comprised of youthful individuals, who require quality higher education so as to ably fit within the innovation and job creation arenas.

Gabula argues that lack of a public higher learning institution has deterred several youths from transforming into professionals with the requisite skills to prosper in their careers, and he is hopeful that with the current government takeover of Busoga university, the sub region will register improved education standards.

Gabula reveals that to enhance the quality of career professionals, government should increase on the number of their bursary offers through Busoga university from 200 bursaries to more, as a means of aiding the increasing numbers of secondary school students attaining higher levels of education.

He also wants the education ministry to boost the university with infrastructural development and transform it into a center of research for the sub region.

Gabula also wants government to revamp traditional schools within the sub region, which he says are the epitome of instilling cultural and moral values amongst children in the course of maneuvering through their tender ages.

Gabula further urged the ministry of education officials to foster establishment of standard sporting facilities within the sub region, as a means of nurturing and consolidating the already existing sports talents.

The EPRC chairperson, Amanya Mushega, says that Busoga sub region has been their first stopping point, ahead of their nationwide consultative meetings aimed at fostering physical interfaces with different stakeholders on their desirable education system.

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