The State Minister for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Kabuye Kyofatogabye, on Thursday ordered for quick patching of roads in Mulago in order to prevent further degradation of roads.

He issued the order while inspecting roads near Mulago Roundabout and Kubbiri in Kampala.

The Minister said the potholes and other pavement disintegration he witnessed in the area should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent additional degradation and costly pavement repairs.

“The earlier we respond the better. We have instructed the KCCA road maintenance teams to expedite filling potholes and the deteriorated parts of pavements to avoid further damage,” the Minister told this news website.

He added that potholes are also a threat to road users and their vehicles since they can puncture their car tyres, bend or crack their wheels.

Over the years KCCA has put emphasis on improving urban mobility and connectivity in order to spur economic growth in Kampala and Uganda. Today, KCCA has a tarmacked road network of 646 kilometers of roads in Kampala.

A number of these roads were constructed with funding from the World Bank and the Government of Uganda, under the Second Kampala Institutional and Infrastructure Development Project (KIIDP2) which ended in 2021.

These roads are wide, tarmacked, some have double lanes in each direction, junctions fitted with traffic lights, walkways, street lighting, and road signs to guide motorists and pedestrians.

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