President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has challenged the people of Bunyoro sub-region to use the Parish development model (PDM) funds wisely in order to transform their livelihoods.

According to Museveni, if used properly, the PDM cash will cause a tremendous change in the livelihoods of poor Ugandans and help to eradicate poverty among the citizens.

Addressing a rally at Masindi Golf and spots Club center in Masindi Municipality on Saturday afternoon, Museveni explained that the government considered the Parish Development Model initiative in order to create wealth and jobs through industrialization, services, Information and Communication Technology, and modernization of Agriculture.

The president appealed to local leaders and stake holders at all levels to sensitize and mobilize citizens to embrace and support the benefit of the PDM initiative as a way of eradicating poverty among Ugandans.

Museveni says leaders at various levels should be at the front line of the implementation of PDM to ensure its positive impact.

According to the president, the PDM is a game changer that will increase production and productivity to put money into the homesteads of poor Ugandans.

Museveni also appealed to the people in the oil-rich Bunyoro sub-region to work hard and tap into the benefits accruing from the oil and gas industry, arguing that the people of Bunyoro should not just sit back and watch but instead use the critical oil roads and the discovery of oil and gas in the region to enhance trade and commerce to boost their household incomes.

Museveni further tasked the people of Bunyoro to adopt commercial farming if they were to fight poverty. He says Ugandans should not only get involved in subsistence farming but rather embrace commercial agriculture that will see them produce both for their subsistence and for sale.

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