The Luwero Grade One Magistrate, John Paul Obuya has released Sulaiman Jakana Nadduli on bail with a specific directive barring him from making statements on any media platforms given the seriousness of the offense against him.

Jakana, who is battling charges of promoting sectarianism, arrived at the magistrate’s court Wednesday morning limping on crutches due to an injury he sustained in an accident before his arrest.

In his ruling, Obuya noted that he had considered the submissions from his defense counsel Patrick Olet and State Attorney, Roselyn Kipola on his bail application.

He noted that he agreed with the defense counsel that the offense against Jakana is bailable before his court and the accused had the right to apply for it. He rejected the objection by the state attorney that one of the sureties Yusuf Kikomeko was not substantial on the grounds that he didn’t present an introduction letter from his LC 1 Chairperson yet it is available on court records.

He rejected the objection by the state to Jakana’s bail application that he may interfere with the ongoing investigations, saying that the state didn’t present sufficient evidence to back the allegations.

He granted Jakana cash bail of 5 million Shillings and directed his sureties to execute a noncash bond of 10 million Shillings each.

The sureties included Jakana’s cousin, Yusuf Kikomeko, and brother, Omar Badru Kabugo. He explained that he had considered Jakana’s bail application on grounds of poor health to enable him to access better treatment outside the jail. He bared him from making any statements on any platforms given the seriousness of the offense until the matter is disposed of.

He adjourned the case to November 16th, 2022 for further mention since the state said investigations were ongoing.

Jakana’s father, Abdul Nadduli who was present in the court jumped into his vehicle together with the defense lawyer shortly after adjournment to deposit the bail money.

Hassan Kirumira, the Katikamu South Member of Parliament welcomed Jakana’s release but criticized the Court over what he called the exploitation of accused persons.

But Frank Gashumba, the Chairperson of the Council for Abavindimwe said they were happy with Jakana’s bail terms. Gashumba, who was accompanied by scores of aggrieved Bavindimwe, said that he is among the people who filed complaints against Jakana and he is ready to testify against him in court for repeatedly promoting sectarianism against their tribe.

According to the charge sheet, on April 5th, 2022 while in Luwero, Jakana,37, a resident of Nakasero zone in Wobulenzi town recorded and uploaded a video on youtube, which promotes sectarianism against Banyankole and Banyarwanda contrary to section 41(1) of the penal code act. Jakana pleaded not guilty to the offense.

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