The Uganda Peoples Defense Forces (UPDF) have launched a third offensive against the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) who are believed to be operating in Ituri Province and North Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Addressing journalists on Wednesday, Peter Mugisa the Mountain Division Spokesperson told journalists that the UPDF and FARDC combat vehicles had crossed into Burasi in DRC via River Semuliki using the newly installed ferry at Haibale Landing site on the Ugandan border with DRC in Ntoroko.

Maj Gen Kayanja Muhanga the Operation Shujja overall Commander said that the three offensive routes that include Nobili-Kamango-Mukakati, Kasindi-Bulongo-Beni, and now Haibale-Burasi-Boga will go a long way in surrounding and capturing the ADF who are now scattered following an attack on their camps.

Kayanja disclosed that the government has put in place a Presidential amnesty for the members of ADF who surrender to either UPDF or FARDC.

Maj Mugisa said that the now motorable 50 Kilometer road from Burasi to Boga DRC will ease the movement of supplies and further accelerate trade and movement of people between the two countries.

The security road connects areas of Mbau, Ouicha, Eringeti, Kainama, Tchabi, Olamoyo, and River Semuliki Bridge up to Mukakati.

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