Filmmaking and acting group, Pearlwood wants Police to release their member, Earnest Ssebunya who is seen in the viral video seemingly stabbed and pleading for medical attention. They say he was simply acting.

According to Pearlwood, Ssebunya, a renowned actor with Wakaliwood, was filmed at the famous Nyege Nyege festival on Sunday, while simply exhibiting art of film making. But instead, police moved in to arrest him.

“Today morning at around 10am, Ssebunya made a bloody makeup in a way of exhibiting how fiction/wounds are made in movies. This has been our custom especially in such events where filmmakers directly engage their fans,” writes Namatovu Aisha, Pearlwood President General, in a statement.

His performance looked real to the extent attracting attention of security personnel and red cross teams at Nyege Nyege festival.

“Our humble appeal to Uganda Police for is to release Mr Earnest Ssebunya as he is a humble citizen and an entertainer who was performing within the given areas.

By publication of this story, police had not made a formal communication on the same.

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